About Me

Academic career

Years Period of life Institution
16 February 1995 Born in Wermelskirchen-
Aug. 2001 - July 2005 Primary schoolSchlosshofschule Mörlenbach
Aug. 2005 - June 2013 Secondary school (Grade: 1.6)Martin-Luther-Schule Rimbach
Oct. 2013 - Oct. 2016 B. Sc. in Physis (Grade: 1.5)
Thesis: 'Top-down causation in the quantum mechanicle measurement process'  
TU Darmstadt
Oct. 2016 - Oct. 2018 M. Sc. in Physics (Grade: 1.0)
Thesis: 'Higher derivative quantum gravity in different approximations'  
University Heidelberg
Jan. 2019 - present Graduate studies
Project: 'Horizon Physics in Quantum Dynamics'
University Heidelberg
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Tutoring experience

Semester Course University
SS 15 Experimental Physics ITU Darmstadt
WS 15/16 Theoretical Physics I & Physics for Engineers-||-
SS 16 Experimental Physics II & Calculus for physicists-||-
WS 16/17 Theoretical Physics IUniversity Heidelberg
SS 18 Theoretical Physics II-||-
SS 19 Theoretical Physics II-||-
WS 19/20 Theoretical Physics III-||-