Published papers

Up to now all papers are in preparation.

  • In preparation: 'Thermodynamics from relative entropy' with Stefan Flörchinger.

    We reformulate thermodynamics using relative entropy instead of entropy: We show how to deal with a model density matrix in a thermodynamic setting and highlight connections to other fundamental quantities in information theory, e.g. the Fisher information and the Fisher information metric. Moreover we suggest a principle of minimum relative entropy which is able to replace the principle of maximal entropy in a statistical approach of thermodynamics. This allows us to introduce statistical ensembles and thermodynamic quantities like temperature. At last we introduce thermodynamic potentials by Legendre transforms and formulate three laws of thermodynamics.
  • In preparation: 'From cold atoms to cosmology' with Nátalia Sanchez-Kuntz and Stefan Flörchinger.

    Upon deriving the effective metric for a superfluid with constant velocity, we wish to address the task of an accelerated system, so that the superfluid velocity is linear in space; our goal is to mimic a gravitational field for the phonons of the condensate with non-zero cosmological constant. We begin with scalar fields and derive a closed expression for the spacetime dependend external potential.