Published papers

In principle you can find all my publications on arXiv. Moreover my orcid-ID is 0000-0003-1477-9855. Below all publications are listed in chronological order (beginning with the newest one) together with their respective abstracts.

  • Thermodynamics from relative entropy with Stefan Flörchinger.

    Thermodynamics is usually developed starting from entropy and the maximum entropy principle. We investigate here to what extent one can replace entropy with relative entropy which has several advantages, for example in the context of local quantum field theory. We find that the principle of maximum entropy can be replaced by a principle of minimum expected relative entropy. Various ensembles and their thermodynamic potentials can be defined through relative entropy. We also show that thermal fluctuations are in fact governed by a relative entropy. Furthermore we reformulate the third law of thermodynamics using relative entropy only.

Papers in preparation

The following papers are in preparation.

  • In preparation: From cold atoms to cosmology with Nátalia Sanchez-Kuntz and Stefan Flörchinger.

    Upon deriving the effective metric for a superfluid with constant velocity, we wish to address the task of an accelerated system, so that the superfluid velocity is linear in space; our goal is to mimic a gravitational field for the phonons of the condensate with non-zero cosmological constant. We begin with scalar fields and derive a closed expression for the spacetime dependend external potential. Then we extend the analysis to a spin-1 BEC.
  • In preparation: Second Law of Thermodynamics Formulated with Relative Entropy with Neil Dowling and Stefan Flörchinger.

    The second law of thermodynamics is discussed and reformulated from a quantum information theoretic perspective. Specifically, the relative entropy of a quantum state with respect to a global equilibrium state is considered and its monotonicity property is used to obtain second-law-like inequalities. This is done within a general thermodynamics context and also in a relativistic hydrodynamic regime within a double light-cone geometry.
  • In preparation: Relative entropic uncertainty relations with Ben Höber and Stefan Flörchinger.

    We present an entropic uncertainty relation based on relative entropy between states of interest and suitable thermal states. We show how the Maassen-Uffink result can be obtained. Furthermore we discuss this new type of uncertainty relations and present basic examples.